004 - Acai Berry Oatmeal Smoothie Featuring MIDEA Singapore's Cooking Blender

Hi Sunshines! 

As you all know, I've curated a special 5-day Oatmeal diet for myself and have shared it on Instagram with you guys. For the in-depth details on the Oatmeal diet, I'll be writing a separate post on that, so do watch out for it!

Today, I'll be sharing with you the Acai Berry Oatmeal Smoothie that I've made using the Cooking Blender from Midea. It's really one of the better blenders that I've used throughout the years of cooking/meal prep. I'll briefly describe to you what are the special features and qualities this blender has, as compared to the normal blender I've been using for my smoothies below : 

Midea Eccentric Bearing Vortex Cooking Blender

Where to buy/Price : 

Special Price available on Qoo10 : Buy here @ a discounted price of SGD $399 (Usual : $499)

Product Details :

  • Multi-function cooking
  • 1.75L Glass jug
  • 1.5L Tritan SAN jar

  • Speed and Temperature Selection
  • Grinding function, Ice crusing function
  • Easy cleaning

What's Included in the Blender : 

The blender comes with - 
1. Base Unit
2. Hot Food Container (Glass)
3. Cold Food Container (Plastic)
4. Hot Food Container lid 
5. Measuring Cup
6. Mixing Rod
7. Instructions Manual
8. Cold Food Container instructions manual 

Product Functions : 

(Pictures taken from Qoo10 website)

My Thoughts about the Blender: 

After using the blender for a few times, I realised that it is not only very convenient, it also helps to save time and effort with their built-in cooking functions. It saves you the trouble to look back at your recipe books/notes regarding your cooking methods etc. For example, the glass jar is used for cooking soups/porridge, which means you can add the ingredients and with a press of a button, the blender will use it's pre-set settings to help you with the cooking portion of your dish. Once it's done, you can serve immediately, which is amazing?? I would totally use this during my house parties when I have group of friends over for lunch/dinner. 

Also, there's a function where you can cook baby food!! I was just talking to a friend of mine the other day where she thought this was actually the function that would make her purchase this blender because its already a hassle for her to prepare food for her child, but with this blender, she'll be able to let the blender do the cooking for her while she uses that time to prepare other things. 

The blender is also very easy to wash in-between your cooking, as you can see from the screenshot below, you can use the "Wash" function to clean your blender by adding water into your blender and it'll be ready for use for your next dish. You'll also be able to heat up your food by using their "Heat" function. 

How it differs from the current blender I'm using : 

Mainly differs in the fact that it has pre-set cooking settings so I can do other things while it's helping me with my meal. This blender also stirs the contents 360 degrees continuously, and this would prevent the contents inside your blender from sticking. I can tell the big difference in this when i was blending the oatmeal in my smoothie. There were small bits of oatmeal in my previous smoothies but with the Midea blender, the ingredients were well blended into a smooth paste, and it was very easy to drink without having bits and pieces of ingredients in every mouthful. 

If you guys are interested, do visit my instagram page to see the video of the blending process! For now, i'll be leaving you guys with the recipe to try it out yourself below : 

Smoothie Recipe : 

Acai Berry Oatmeal Smoothie Recipe (Serves 1)

Ingredients - 
2 Teaspoons of Acai Powder
2 Teaspoons of Chia Seeds
1/2 Cup of Instant Oatmeal
1 Cup of Almond Milk (Unsweetened)
1 Cup of Frozen Berries (You can also use fresh berries)
1 Cup of Unsweetened Green tea (Optional, but would recommend this to get a smoother texture)

Steps -
1. Mix the Acai powder with Chia seeds

2. Add the Oatmeal into the blender, followed by the frozen berries, Acai powder chia seeds mix and Almond milk

I used frozen berries as I did not want to add ice cubes into my smoothie mixture but if you're using fresh berries, do add ice cubes if you're someone who likes your smoothie very cold. I also omitted ice cubes as my smoothie recipe has no added sugar, so by adding ice cubes, it would dilute the taste of the smoothie. 

3A. If you're using the Midea Blender, all you have to do for this step is to press the "Smoothie" function and it'll blend for 3 minutes. While it is being blended, do add the green tea bit by bit through the top while it blends to achieve the smooth texture. 

3B. If you're using a normal blender, do blend the smoothie at the highest speed for 30 seconds and rest for 5 seconds before you blend it again. You'll have to check it at a few points of time to see if the texture is the one you like. You can also take the chance to add the green tea when you're checking the texture. 

For Step 3, do note that the oatmeal is dry so it would take some time for it to blend well into a smoothie. The texture I went for is thin enough to be a liquid drink but yet slightly thick so you'll feel satisfied after. 

4. Serve immediately. 

Nutrition Table : 

I used "My Fitness Pal" to get this recipe's nutrition facts. This may not be 100% accurate, but it can serve as a rough guide if you're interested to know the calories, sugar, fibre etc.

So that's it guys! Another simple & easy recipe to add into your meal-prep list, hope you guys enjoy it! If you have any questions regarding the blender, do feel free to DM me on instagram! 

Remember to stay humble and be kind. 



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